Why You Shouldn’t Shoot a Video Yourself?

I had a meeting with a new client, a few days ago. It was amazing. The person was friendly and passionate about his work. He was clear about what he wanted. I was glad to have a chance of working with someone, young and ambitious like me.

We approached this client after we had a look at a testimonial video on their page. It was poorly shot, on a smartphone. I was told that the choice for a smartphone was the last resort while they did have a personal camera to shoot their internal videos. It was a prosumer camera, good enough for their work.

I saw those videos. Although, the camera is suitable for their production the video lacked quality. No audio equipment was used, which made the sound terrible. But, the content was powerful. The footage I was shown, had a soul.

I was asked to edit the footage to make it more attractive. Although the editing could make it beautiful, the bad audio was inevitably going to project an amateurish feel. Not something a brand will want.

In the end, I did deliver a product that they loved. It was much better than what it was earlier but it still cannot stand against their competitors who learned their lessons beforehand and involved a professional from the initial stages itself.

I regret not being there a year before, to shoot that project. At least the content wouldn’t have been compromised due to the poor production quality. A reshoot was nearly impossible which made the matter even worse.

If the said company decides to continue with their in-house production without any professional help, I know they wouldn’t survive in the long run. Most businesses don’t have time to look into the technical aspects of the video. A professional can help you with that.So, before you think of jumping straight into production by investing in an expensive camera try considering a production company instead.

If you compromise on the video, you compromising on your brand’s identity. So, before you think of jumping straight into production by investing in an expensive camera try considering a production company instead.

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Right Video Production Company

You are finally making a video for your business. You are desperately on the lookout for the best production house or a freelancer who can help you get this video made. But, you are overwhelmed by the plethora of choices you have. We will take care of your dilemma, in this article. Here are a few things you must look for, before settling for a video production company.


The big worry. You don’t want to be wasting your time dealing with someone that doesn’t fit your budget. Production houses often ask the budget upfront and give you a quote accordingly. This does not mean you can make your video for dirt-cheap. The less you pay for the video, the more you compromise on quality. If you are serious about it, you must be ready to spend Fifty Thousand Rupees to the bare minimum. On an average, a video will cost you approximately 3-5 Lakhs of Rupees.


An experienced team will produce a better product than the team which is not. At Parable, we have an experienced team. I have personally written and directed three short films, made corporate films for a firm where I used to work and have a two-year experience with filmmaking. You need to be sure that your money is going in the right hands. Parable has started its operations only a few days, which is why we cannot boast a large clientele. But, we can guarantee you a robust product with conviction because our team is experienced!

Do they Ask the Right Questions?

You want your video to help you reach your customer base and engage with them. There are certain goals you want to achieve with your business video. Check, if the production company (or a freelancer for that matter) cares to know what your business needs are. Are they asking you questions regarding your business, your customers, your aim and what you want to accomplish with a video? If they don’t, you will anyway end up with a terrible product that won’t bring much difference to your brand identity.

Do you like them?

If you are going to engage in a business with someone you must be comfortable working around them. Such relationships may go on for several years. Such factors are considered vital when a company recruits a new employee, why not when you are engaging with other businesses? You will have to see them now and again, at least for a month. You don’t want your project to be ruined just because you made a deal with the wrong people.

Are you still not sure if hiring a production company to make any video for your company is worth it? Do you believe that you are better off with a video shot on your phone for that matter? Let me prove you wrong, in my next article.


Why Your Business Needs a Video?

It is a noted fact that in today’s day and age people tend to consume information differently.  A large part of the audience prefers to watch a video. Not just any video but the one that interests them and attracts them in short amount of time.

With the advent of the internet, people’s attention spans have dropped down significantly. They don’t spend much time on a single web page. They want something quick. A video satisfies this need of theirs.

A video can easily compress a long length of words into a video that would be quicker to watch than to read. Video can cover a topic more efficiently than any article. This is not to say that blogging is dead but it’s just that videos are effective.

Now, you can’t put up any video for the sake of it and expect yourself to increase sales. A video shot by your employee on his phone does not count. What you need is a professional help. You will need a team that understands your needs and your market and provides you with a media that will uniquely work for you. So you want

So you want to know how you can find the right team to create a video for you? Find the answer in next article.